News — The Story behind our Statue


Andy Cheese, MBRS

Born in Odstock, Hampshire, Andy Cheese attended Ravensbourne College of Art where he gained a B.A. Hons Degree in Sculpture.

“Most of my pieces are based around the human figure, or drawn from nature.  These are subjects I find intensely interesting, as the varieties of form and texture are infinite.”

“This sculpture is inspired by one of my relations, my Great Uncle from Fordingbridge in Hampshire. My Uncle (the shepherd figure), owned a 40 acre farm, mainly dairy. Sadly, due to the EEC milk quotas of the late 1970’s he had to have his 47 cows destroyed – and he never got over this. He was a single-minded man who lived on his own in his farm, with his children living across the road, both to help run the farm – and to keep an eye on him!”


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